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Investment-grade bullion bars of gold, silver and platinum

For global investors seeking a safe haven for their financial assets, Rob Kirby is now an Authorized Dealer for the BMG BullionBarsTM., Bullion Management Group (BMG), now provides investors with a secure and reliable means of purchasing investment-grade precious metals bullion bars, and optionally provides allocated and insured storage.   BMG BullionBarsTM purchases are available in five different good delivery standards products: Gold bars in kilogram, 100-ounce, and 400-ounce bars, Silver bars in 1,000-ounces bars, and   Platinum in 50-ounce bars.   With each bar of bullion purchased, Bullion Custodial Services Inc. (BCS) issues its own unique bullion deedand maintains all the details of the BMG BullionBarsTM and owners in its secure, encrypted registry. None of the client details are at all connected to the internet, providing the highest security and confidentiality for BMG BullionBarsTM owners. For those of you who are unfamiliar with BMG, , they have been the owners / operators of the BMG BullionFundTM [formerly known as Millennium Bullion Fund] with 250 million in gold, silver and platinum bullion assets under management.

This secure registry system also allows owners to easily sell their bullion. A unique, serialized bullion deed for each bar [identifying smelter, serial number, purity and exact weight ] is also issued for your recordkeeping. By entering into a storage holding agreement, the bullion will be stored at The Bank of Nova Scotia in Toronto, Canada. 

The Bank of Nova Scotia provides investors a secure, fully allocated and insured storage facility.   On a delivery request, the purchaser is required to pay shipping, insurance and handling fee. 
Process:  Investors are required to open and fund their BCS account prior to transacting the purchase of bullion.
Fees:  Premium to purchase is market plus 3 % on orders exceeding U.S.D. 50k [2% premium above prevailing market prices plus 1 % dealer sale charge].  Ongoing storage [if this option is selected] is 1.25 % per annum. Fee to sell bullion is 1 %.

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